Markets in Europe open higher as PMI data is released

Monday, 03. April 2017 09:18

Markets in Europe opened higher on Monday as investors await today’s data from the manufacturing sector. In the United States, President Donald Trump indicated his country would be prepared to unilaterally deal with North Korea and its nuclear threat if China is not willing to partake in the effort. After signing two executive orders on Friday to review the causes of the country's trade deficit, the Trump administration expressed willingness to start renegotiating NAFTA before Congress adjourns for April recess. 

Germany’s DAX was 0.42% higher following the start of the session at 9:06 am CET. The country’s electric utilities company RWE AG saw its stocks go up 1.03% at 9:19 am CET.

The CAC 40 increased 0.12% at 9:08 m CET. Steel and mining corporation ArcelorMittal led the gains with stocks going up 0.46% at 9:14 am CET.

In London, the FTSE 100 rose 0.27% at 9:10 am CET.

Meanwhile, the euro edged up against the US dollar, to go for 1.06658 at 9:21 am CET.

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