Asian markets higher after report on US-China trade deal

Wednesday, 03. April 2019 04:24

Asian markets traded higher on Wednesday following report that the United States and China are reaching a trade deal. Also, Japan's service industry recorded sustained growth in March and the services sector activity in China improved.

Japanese Nikkei 225 traded 0.49% higher at 4:19 am CET. The dollar traded 0.13% higher against the yen, to go for 111.4720 at 4:20 am CET.

China's Shanghai Composite was up 0.16% at 4:18 am CET as well as Shenzhen Composite which traded 0.029% at the same time.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng traded 0.71% higher at 4:21 am CET. South Korean Kospi Composite was up 0.22% at 4:19 am CET.

Australia's S&P/ASX 200 went up 0.74% at 4:21 am CET.

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