Nikkei to launch two new indexes on April 15

Montag, 08. April 2019 11:47

Nikkei Inc. will launch a pair of new domestic and global exposure indexes on April 15, the company said in a press release on Monday.

The indices will be divided into the Nikkei 225 Domestic Exposure 50 Index or Nikkei Domestic Exposure 50 for short and Nikkei 225 Global Exposure 50 Index or Nikkei Global Exposure 50) for short. They will draw their constituents from the Nikkei 225's constituents by using an "Overseas Sales Ratio" gauge, which compares the ratio of overseas sales to a company's gross sales. Nikkei selected the 50 stocks with the lowest overseas sales ratios for the former while it chose the 50 stocks with the highest overseas sales ratio for the latter.

In addition, each constituent will be weighted equally while those with lower liquidities will be adjusted to lower the weights. All of the constituents will be reviewed annually. The indices will be calculated on an end-of-day basis for the time being and will be retroactively calculated to the end of 2001. They will utilize points as their unit and will have 10,000 points as the index level on the base date.

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