Climate change protests in London broken up by police

Samstag, 20. April 2019 21:21

More than 70 people were arrested at demonstrations on Saturday in the United Kingdom's capital city, of which most were dragged away by the police from Oxford Circus. Non-violent protesters mobilized by Extinction Rebellion have gathered for the sixth day at sites including the Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge to criticize decision makers for lack of action amid climate change. The number of apprehended citizens since the start of the week topped 750.

Security officers removed the pink boat with the slogan 'Tell the Truth' that had been set at Oxford Circus. They have been cutting chains with which activists tied themselves up to the vessel and other structures. Demonstrators from the civil disobedience movement have also used glue.

Officials said 28 people were charged with offences today and that the large number of arrests posed "a logistical problem." A group of twenty people failed to halt traffic at a roundabout at Heathrow airport. They held a sign saying: 'Are we the last generation?"

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