Huawei can have own OS by end of 2019 if needed - exec

Thursday, 23. May 2019 06:32

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. still hopes it will be able to use Android or Windows on its phones, but the company is prepared to roll out its own operating system this year if needed, CEO of the company's consumer division Richard Yu told CNBC on Thursday. He also said that Huawei would be able to introduce its own operating system in China in the last quarter of 2019, while the product would most likely have to wait for the first or second quarter of 2020 to appear on international markets.

Yu stated: "Today, Huawei, we are still committed to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. But if we cannot use that, Huawei will prepare the plan B to use our own OS."

Huawei was granted a 90-day license to do business in the United States after it was blacklisted by the country's Commerce Department. The Chinese company is in talks with Google to discuss the best way to move forward after the ban.

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