US markets return to gains amid high volatility

Thursday, 15. August 2019 18:25

Markets in the United States returned to gains during Thursday's trade as volatility remained high throughout the day. Wall Street was initially down premarket, only to return to the green before the bell and open higher, but in the first 15 minutes of trade major stock indexes slipped lower only to return to gains once again in the first hour of trade. US stocks then declined shortly before the closing bell in Europe only to eventually start trading higher once again.

The moves came as different comments from the US and China influenced investor sentiment. Earlier in the day, China said it hopes Washington meets it halfway on trade, but President Donald Trump commented shortly afterwards that the trade deal needs to be on US terms. Meanwhile, reports emerged that said most White House officials blame the trade policy for market volatility and Trump tweeted that the US has the "biggest, strongest and most powerful economy."

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 110 points up, rising by 0.44% at 12:23 pm ET. At the same time, the Nasdaq 100 increased by 0.14% and the S&P 500 rose 0.39%.

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