China slams Twitter over state media ads block

Tuesday, 20. August 2019 11:55

China's Foreign Ministry insisted on Tuesday that Beijing should have a right to voice its views on social media after American social media companies suspended accounts which allegedly sought to discredit the anti-government protests in Hong Kong and banned state media advertising.

"What is happening in Hong Kong, and what the truth is, people will naturally have their own judgment. Why is it that China’s official media’s presentation is surely negative or wrong?" the ministry's spokesman Geng Shuang (pictured) stated. "I don’t know why certain companies or peoples’ reaction is so strong," he added without naming Facebook or Twitter.

On Monday, Twitter announced it will no longer advertise "state-controlled news media entities" and noted it suspended over 900 accounts which allegedly played a part in China's "state-backed information campaign" to delegitimize the Hong Kong protests. Meanwhile, Facebook said it removed several accounts, groups and pages after receiving a tip from Twitter about their "coordinated inauthentic behavior."

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