EU looking into whether Google favors own job search tool

Tuesday, 27. August 2019 13:01

European Union regulators are checking Google for Jobs to determine if the tech giant unfairly prioritizes it over other similar tools, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a conference in Berlin, Vestager, who has slapped Google with hefty fines for anti-competitive behavior on several previous occasions, expressed concerns that it was conducting similar practices in other areas. She said that the European Commission was therefore looking into Google's job search tool to establish if there were any breaches of competition law by the company in that sector. She added that the EC could adopt rules to restrict tech giants if they did not behave in accordance with rules and regulations.

Vestager's announcement comes after 23 European job search websites urged the EC earlier this month to temporarily order Google to stop any anti-competitive practices while it investigated the issue. Google's job search tool was launched two years ago to help jobseekers to look for open positions and listings.

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