Apple slams Google over Uyghur attacks case

Friday, 06. September 2019 21:28

Apple criticized Google in a statement released on Friday for the way it revealed that iPhones had security flaws. The iPhone producer confirmed that attacks did happen, but stressed they were narrower and lasted for a shorter period than Google suggested. Apple also confirmed media reports that the attacks mostly targeted the Uyghur minority that lives in western China.

Google was blamed for saying that it was "broad-based" when Apple claims it "affected fewer than a dozen websites that focus on content related to the Uyghur community." Additionally, Apple added that Google issued its post about the incidents six months after iOS patches were released and the issues had already been fixed. The Cupertino-based company also said it had already been fixing the issue when Google approached it about the incidents and added that everything was fixed in 10 days. Furthermore, Apple claims Google lied when it said the vulnerabilities lasted for two years and stated the attacks took place over a period of two months.

Last week, Techcrunch reported that the Chinese government was targeting the Uyghur minority. In its Project Zero revelation about the attacks, Google's experts stated that there were a number of websites that can attack an iPhone by simply being opened on the device.

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