Trump: Biden's son got $1.5B from China

Friday, 18. October 2019 03:09

United States President Donald Trump claimed at a campaign gathering in Dallas that China would have been "by far the number one nation from an economic standpoint" if his "crooked opponent" had won, where he apparently referred to Hillary Clinton. He went further to say Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, "walked out" of China with $1.5 billion after "a quick meeting" with the help of the vice president at the time.

The world's second-largest economy has "gone down" by "trillions of dollars" while the US has gone up by as much, in his view. "They'll never catch us if we are smart," Trump stated.

The president asserted the conduct of the Bidens was "terrible foreign corruption" and that Hunter Biden got "much more" than the formal $50,000 reward per month from a Ukrainian company. He had no experience in the sector, Trump stressed and called the money he received "a payoff."

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