Google, Amazon, Apple team up on connectivity

Wednesday, 18. December 2019 15:26

Google, Apple, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance announced on Wednesday they started working on a new connectivity standard that will make smart home devices more compatible with eachother. The main goal of the Project Connected Home over IP, which will be based on the Internet Protocol (IP), is to increase the compatibility of different devices and simplify the developing process for the manufacturers.

The open-source approach that the development is taking intends to unify and connect smart home technologies from Amazon, Google, Apple and many others. At the same time, the project will make it easier for manufacturers to create new devices that will use the existing smart home services.

Zigbee Alliance board member companies, such as IKEA and Samsung SmartThings and others, also joined the working group to work on this project. The companies also invited other developers from the smart home industry to take part in the project.

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