US markets open lower amid Mideast war fears

Monday, 06. January 2020 15:30

Wall Street opened lower on Monday, echoing the sentiment from Europe as tensions between the United States and Iran increased severely following the decision of US President Donald Trump to order the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad. In the aftermath of the event, Iran promised to avenge Soleimani and Iraq decided to ask US troops to leave the country while the US Congress said it is planning a resolution to limit Trump's war decision-making powers.

The Dow Jones fell 0.71% at the open, with JPMorgan Chase & Co as the worst performer, as its shares traded 1.18% lower at 9:34 am ET. The Nasdaq 100 index decreased by 0.91% at the opening bell, as Skyworks Solutions shares dropped 2.56% at 9:33 am ET. The S&P 500 opened 0.61% lower, with the losses led by Under Armour Inc, which shed 2.52% of the stock's value at 9:32 am ET.

The euro traded 0.31% higher compared to the dollar, changing hands for 1.11959 at 9:32 am ET.

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