US shared intel with Berlin on Huawei 5G risks - report

Wednesday, 29. January 2020 12:34

The German Federal Foreign Office is in possession of intelligence that reveals the technology giant Huawei Co. Ltd is allegedly working with Chinese security organs, Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday, claiming it was given access to a classified government document.

The document, according to Handelsblatt, states the information was received from the United States. It also argues against the government's actions on the matter, criticizing the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in delaying resistance to Huawei 5G, adding it is "very late" now. According to the ministry's warnings, the decision on Huawei could be a gateway to intel breeches and potential cyber-attacks.

The United States strongly opposed allowing the Chinese company, to continue with implementing its 5G network in Europe due to the alleged security threat it posses with Beijing possibly having access to foreign intelligence. On Tuesday, the United Kingdom decided against banning the company's involvement in building its 5G network, however, the high-risk vendors are to be excluded from core parts of the structure in order to ensure the safety of data that could compromise the UK's national security. Later on Wednesday, the European Commission is set to announce rules on banning high-risk vendors from the central parts of the EU countries' networks.

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