VW to start flexible fast charging stations program

Friday, 25. January 2019 12:43

Volkswagen Group Components, a new division of the German carmaker, revealed plans for mass production of charging units based on the principle of a powerbank. The announcement published on Friday adds it designed flexible fast stations for up to four vehicles, while that they can be used for storage of power from renewable sources. Manufacturing is planned to start next year in Hanover, where the heat exchanger program will be gradually abandoned, Volkswagen AG said.

The statement adds the pilot project will kick off in the summer in cooperation with local authorities in Wolfsburg. "Considerable interest" was shown by potential partners, according to the company. The technology is based on the modular electric toolkit (MEB). Used batteries from electric cars will be refitted and installed in the chargers, it said.

Volkswagen produces battery systems in Brunswick and electric motors in Kassel. The Center of Excellence for battery cells in Salzgitter will soon house the manufacturing of rotors and stators, it noted and said it earmarked €870 million for investments in e-mobility components this year and next.

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