Sales of new cars in EU rise after eight-month drop

Tuesday, 18. June 2019 08:26

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) said on Tuesday that 1.4 million vehicles were registered last month for the first time in the European Union. The measure of sales gained 0.1% from May of last year led by Central Europe. The region contributed with a jump of 6.2% against the slump of 7.3% in Spain and 4.6 in the United Kingdom. The modest increase in total came after eight straight months of declines.

The year-to-date figure, at 6.7 million, landed 2.1% lower than one year before and Germany was the only one with a positive result. The Eurozone's largest economy also drove the demand side in May, registering a surge of 9.1% on an annual scale. France advanced by 1.2% while the volume in Italy dropped by 1.2%.

In the manufacturers' list, Volkswagen AG was on top for the reporting month, making up 24.7% of total sales but it suffered a year-over-year fall – 2.1%. Purchases of BMW AG's vehicles surged 8.8% and Peugeot SA posted a 4.3% increase. Data for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV showed a drop of 8.1% compared to a slump by 4.4% for Ford Motor Co. Renault SA's sales shrunk 3.7%.

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