US Treasuries jump as Middle East tensions rise

Monday, 16. September 2019 11:18

United States Treasuries jumped on Monday and their respective yields, which move inversely to bond prices, dropped after drone attacks on Saudi Aramco's oil facilities led to a sudden, forced 5% global supply cut. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the attack, but Yemeni Houthi rebels said they were behind the drone strikes and threatened to hit Saudi oil production and other infrastructure with new attacks.

The two-year Treasury yield was 0.051 basis points lower at 1.751% at 5:11 am ET. The ten-year bond yield was at 1.82%, falling 0.079 basis points at 5:11 am ET. The 30-year Treasury yield fell by 0.094 basis points to 2.282% at 5:12 am ET.

Their corresponding bond futures rose 0.09%, 0.49% and 1.03%, respectively at 5:03 am ET.

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