Trump: Adam Schiff is a sick puppy

Friday, 22. November 2019 14:16

United States President Donald Trump again blasted on Friday House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff calling him "a sick puppy."

Speaking on Fox News, Trump noted: "I want to put Adam Schiff to testify about the fake whistleblower. There were no quid pro quos. I know exactly who he is, you know it too. Everybody knows it. A lot of people think Schiff is a whistleblower. If he doesn’t know who is the whistleblower, he is the only one in Washington," said Trump.

Commenting on ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, Trump said he hardly knows him but "that in his 22-page statement he didn’t say the most important thing: I want nothing, I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo." Trump stated there should never be an impeachment and again slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being "totally incompetent."

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