New Study Reveals Nearly 50 Percent of Consumers Struggle to Open Jars; Shows How Ease of Use Affects Purchasing Decisions

Tuesday, 04. February 2020 15:01

DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT), jar lid manufacturers and creators of the EEASY Lid, partnered with NorthCliff Consultants, Inc. to run a consumer testing study to assess the difficulty people have in opening traditional vacuum-sealed jars.

The study results, announced today, revealed that nearly 50 percent of consumers struggle to open traditional jars – and not just the elderly population. Consumers in the study were ranged 25-74 years old, showing this is a universal problem for people of all ages. This data further solidifies the issue that in 75 years, there have been no advancements in the jar lid industry to ease this struggle.

“We knew there was a problem within the industry – in fact, the idea of the EEASY Lid was born after a conversation with a friend who was recovering from cancer and was not able to open traditional jars,” said James Bach, CCT managing partner. “While we understood the need for innovation, these results were completely beyond our expectations of how extensive this struggle actually is.”

The study explores consumers’ difficulties in opening traditional jar lids by asking a series of questions targeted to 80 participants – both male and female.

Key Findings:

  • Nearly 30% of consumers said traditional jar lids took a lot of strength and force to open
  • 68.8% of respondents said they would purchase a jar with the EEASY lid if it contained a product they would normally buy
  • 50% of participants consider the traditional jar lids old fashioned
  • Only 23.8% expected traditional jar lids to be difficult to open, but 48.8% had difficulty actually opening them

CCT has long recognized this industry-wide dilemma and is the first company in decades to help advance the jar lid industry with the creation of the EEASY Lid. The patented EEASY Lid allows consumers to vent a jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, which opens a tiny slit that breaks the seal. After use, the lid is reclosed by pressing the button from the inside of the lid to help keep the product fresh and prevent spills.

“This study showed that it’s not just elderly consumers or those with specific needs, like arthritis, who experience this completely preventable struggle,” continued Bach. “This broad need also illustrates the power of ease of use and inclusivity when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions. With most participants responding that they are likely to purchase a jar with an EEASY Lid, this goes beyond convenience and serves as a major selling point for grocers and other brands.”

CCT’s EEASY Lid improves user experience when opening jars, and this new invention has already begun making its way into consumers’ kitchens. Earlier this month, the EEASY Lid debuted in Pennsylvania-based Boyer’s Food Markets on its Darci’s brand pasta sauce jars. After four weeks of using the EEASY Lid, Boyer’s sales are up 424% versus a year ago with a comparable private label.

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Click here to download the CCT press kit, which includes images, videos, logos and the full testing report.

About Consumer Convenience Technologies
Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT) provides innovative packaging solutions for the beverage and food service industries. CCT’s new EEASY Lid is the first major jar lid innovation in 75 years. The company’s patented technology makes opening a vacuum sealed jar much easier – with just the push of a button. The EEASY Lid opens up the market to 30% of people who do not have the ability to open a vacuum sealed jar. The EEASY Lid will be available in both continuous thread and lug versions.

About NorthCliff Consultants, Inc.
NorthCliff Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1986 to provide independent contract testing services for manufacturers and retailers involved in the personal care, over-the-counter, food, fragrance, and household product markets.

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