PTA-Adhoc: Suncap SCOOP S.A.: ALPHA FX INDEX LINKED NOTES 2026 (ISIN XS1545830256)
Early Redemption

Thursday, 17. September 2020 13:10

Public disclosure of inside information according to article 17 MAR

Wasserbillig (pta027/17.09.2020/13:10) - Suncap SCOOP S.A. acting in relation to its Compartment E
7, Grand Rue
L-6630 Wasserbillig Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
RCS Luxembourg: B191977
(the "Issuer")

17 September 2020


Early Redemption

On 5 November 2019, the Issuer exercised its early redemption option pursuant to Condition 5.2 (a) (ii) of the terms and conditions (the "Conditions") of the Alpha FX Index Linked Notes 2026 (ISIN XS1545830256) (the "Notes").
The Issuer hereby gives notice to the Noteholders that the Early Redemption Date will be 18 September 2020.
Following the early redemption of the outstanding Notes on the Early Redemption Date, all such Notes will be forthwith cancelled, the obligations of the Issuer in respect thereof shall be fully discharged and the Noteholders shall have no further claim or recourse against the Issuer.
Unless otherwise defined herein, defined terms used in this notice have the meanings given to them in the Conditions.


emitter: Suncap SCOOP S.A.
address: 7, Grand Rue, 6630 Wasserbillig
country: Luxembourg
contact person: Fabian Föhre
phone: +35226704222

ISIN(s): XS1545830256 (certificate)
stock exchanges: open market (free market) in Frankfurt

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