PTA-Adhoc: AIV S.A.: AIV S.A. Cpt 20, Limited Recourse AIV Secondary Market Notes, Delisting of the Notes

Thursday, 08. October 2020 13:10

Public disclosure of inside information according to article 17 MAR

Wasserbillig (pta024/08.10.2020/13:10) - AIV S.A.
société anonyme
Registered address: 7, Grand Rue, L-6630 Wasserbillig
R.C.S. Luxembourg B127.762
(the Company)

EUR 15,000,000
Limited Recourse AIV Secondary Market Notes
ISIN: XS1489737178
Securities Identification Number/WKN: A186K5
VALOR Number: 034576980

issued by AIV S.A.,
acting in respect of Compartment 20

Delisting of the Notes:
The Company informs the holders of the Notes (the Noteholders) that the Company applied for the delisting of all Notes due to liquidity constraints of the Notes and the underlying securities and following the advice of the compartment advisor.
The Notes are at date listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Open Market).

If the Noteholders have any questions or require any clarification in respect to the information set out in this notice, they may contact the Issuer.

Phone:+352 26 70 42 1
Fax:+352 26 70 42 42

This notice is given by the Company on 08 October 2020.

acting in respect of Compartment 20


emitter: AIV S.A.
address: 7, Grand Rue, 6630 Wasserbillig
country: Luxembourg
contact person: Fabian Föhre
phone: +352 267042 21

ISIN(s): XS1489737178 (certificate)
stock exchanges: open market (free market) in Frankfurt

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