Talks on border wall hit dead end – reports

Sunday, 10. February 2019 16:50

Republican and Democratic lawmakers couldn't overcome a dispute about the number of detention beds that would be funded and the negotiations on spending on border security ground to a halt, the domestic media reported on Sunday. Quoting unnamed people with knowledge of the situation, they noted the deadline before a possible government shutdown is February 15.

The issue is part of a comprehensive plan and the members of Congress wouldn't proceed with provisions for other expenditure and the wall proposed by United States President Donald Trump to be built on the border with Mexico, according to insiders. The surprising freeze, which is said to have started yesterday, comes after numerous optimistic statements by the people involved.

The opposition demands limits on the number of people the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can hold in exchange for any funding for a physical barrier. Some of the sources said the committee may turn to temporary funding legislation again.

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