Conway stresses fentanyl issue in talks with China

Monday, 11. February 2019 15:01

White House advisor Kellyanne Conway told Fox News on Monday that President Donald Trump would meet Chinese counterpart "soon." She expressed optimism regarding the comprehensive bilateral talks and stressed that the head of state wants the president of the most populous nation "to make good on the promise" to designate opioid fentanyl as a controlled substance.

Turning to the discussions between Democrats and Republicans about border security, she suggested that every 2020 election aspirer should be asked whether some kind of physical barrier is needed between the US and Mexico. Another burning issue for the next election is if candidates support "abortion anytime and anywhere" and the proposal of "70% taxes," Trump's aide added. "I'm yet to see presidential timber, I just see a bunch of presidential woodchips," she said, referring to Democrats who are entering the race. Conway asserted she only hears "sing-songy happy talk from these folks" or anti-Trump rhetoric.

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