US stocks rebound, Dow up 100 pts

Wednesday, 11. September 2019 18:00

Stock markets in the United States recovered following a flat start on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones jumping 100 points. Market participants seemed to react to the latest easing of trade tensions, soothed by China earlier in the day following Beijing's announcement about the exemption of certain US goods, including lubricant base oil and whey, from tariffs.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 101 points, or 0.37%, at 12:00 pm ET, thanks in part to Apple Inc.'s shares adding 2.81%. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq 100 jumped 0.91% as and Tesla surged 5.24% and 4.18%, respectively. The S&P 500 rose 0.48% at 12:01 pm ET, thanks to Waters Corp. adding 4.63% at 12:03 pm ET.

The euro lost 0.41% against the US dollar, going for 1.09988 at 12:08 pm ET.

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