Details of complex draft backstop emerge in report

Thursday, 17. October 2019 03:08

Numerous tariff exemptions have been devised in an alternative for the status of Northern Ireland after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in order to streamline customs controls, RTE wrote without revealing sources. Brexit negotiators apparently agreed in an outline for the so-called backstop for the territory to "legally" stay within the monarchy but that it would continue to follow the trade bloc's rules.

Northern Ireland's industry and agriculture are said to be planned to be left in the single market in regulatory terms, translating to checks on goods from the rest of the UK. A joint panel should reportedly be established for expanding the portfolio of nontariffed goods. Rebates would, according to the leak, be introduced for products delivered from Great Britain to the province if the EU duties are above domestic rates.

The framework for scrapping the arrangement is, reporter Tony Connelly revealed, centered on the Northern Ireland Assembly. The period after the transition, which is seemingly scheduled to expire at the end of next year, is four years, the article said and added another two years of "cooling" would start if Stormont decides to opt out. The two sides haven't yet agreed on whether a simple or double majority would be required.

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