Powering the Remote Workforce - at Scale: CEO’s of CRM, TWLO, NEXCF,  DOCU Discuss Megatrends & Innovation Driving Revenue Growth

Wednesday, 24. June 2020 15:16

NEW YORK, June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest from leaders at Salesforce, Inc (NYSE: CRM), DocuSign (NASDAQ: DOCU) NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) and Twilio, Inc. (NYSE: TWLO).

The remote workforce megatrend is accelerating. The clear winners emerging are innovators empowering the remote workforce to stay productive and connected - at scale. Wall Street Reporter highlights tech leaders comments and insights from recent earnings calls.

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) Chairman & CEO, Marc Benioff: “In a moment of crisis, you need to invest through it”
In the latest earnings call, CEO Marc Benioff shares how Salesforce is successfully adapting in the current pandemic, investing for the future, and helping it’s global enterprise and government customers drive digital transformation. 

“…We’ve been really surprised with our pipelines for the second quarter – I've been on more sales calls with more CEOs in the last two months than at any time in my career. There's universal agreement among them - company’s organizations and governments around the world have a digital transformation imperative like never before. And many of them are accelerating their plans for digital first work from anywhere environment.”

“My personal belief is always that in a moment of crisis, you need to invest through it…….Everyone’s going to have to adopt to new ways of conducting themselves and especially their customer relationships, especially their sales and services, especially their marketing and commerce and especially new ways of collaborating and re-skilling workers, every company is going to have to digitally transform….Salesforce has never been more relevant or more mission critical… No one is better positioned than Salesforce to accelerate out of this crisis and bring customers into the new normal.”

“On adapting the legendary Dreamforce mega-conference to virtual: “We've already had more than 75 million views of our leading through change program…that type of virtual program I believe is very much going to be something that is going to be a permanent part of our culture. We've really been able to inspire our customers and our employees…we now see a very clear path to be able to, have virtual events, build pipeline, build community, build brand, create, deliver new products. And I have a lot of confidence in our ability to execute without a physical Dreamforce this year.”

Earnings call highlights available at: https://www.wallstreetreporter.com/2020/06/salesforce-nysecrm-q1-2021-earnings-conference-call-summary-highlights/

NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) CEO Evan Gappelberg: “Surging Demand for Augmented Reality/Virtual Conferences by Global Enterprise Fueling Our Revenue Growth”

NexTech AR (OTC: NEXCF) a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter’s “NEXT SUPER STOCK” investor conference series, recently announced a series of new enterprises accounts for its InfernoAR virtual conference platform which boasts Augmented Reality tech features.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech commented, “InfernoAR, is the world's most advanced Augmented Reality and Video Learning Experience Platform for Events, and we’re seeing surging demand for our services across a wide spectrum of use cases including governments, universities, sports teams, corporations, religious institutions, and more as a paradigm shift to ‘video being the new voice’ and a virtual world takes hold, creating a new and urgent demand for our services globally….

“We have grown our pipeline of opportunities very quickly with $300,000 in new closed deals in just the past six weeks. On top of this, we now have a potential pipeline worth another $1million+, as NexTech’s AR-enhanced virtual events platform is being enthusiastically embraced and is gaining rapid traction with global enterprise, and government customers. (By contrast, the virtual events platform generated about $1 million in SaaS revenue last year.) “

NexTech AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) is one of the most talked-about companies in the emerging $120 billion Augmented Reality market. In a June 19 Interview, CEO Evan Gappelberg discusses how the recent $3.2 million funding round, positions NEXCF to scale it’s virtual meetings, AR 3D online ad network,  AR SaaS, and AR capture apps businesses. One June 24, NEXCF also announced a new credit line with the Royal Bank of Canada, adding further capabilities to seize growth opportunities in the coming year.

NEXT SUPER STOCK (OTC: NEXCF) June 19 CEO Video Interview and Recent Presentation available at: https://www.wallstreetreporter.com/2020/06/nextech-ar-otc-nexcf-loaded-w-cash-ready-to-scale-virtual-meeting-ar-saas/

DocuSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOCU) CEO Dan Springer: “COVID-19 has led customers to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives for agreements”

“It's clear that the ways of doing business are changing. Remote work is here to stay, core business processes will only become more digital, and agreements will need to be completed from anywhere at any time on almost any device. As a result, for organizations that hadn't already embraced DocuSign for eSignature where they were only using us for a few select use cases, the pandemic has been a catalyst for the greater digital transformation of their end-to-end agreement processes.”

“We always believed this transformation will happen and that a unifying platform for agreements will be needed. COVID-19 is just happening faster. That said, even when the COVID-19 situation is behind us, we don't anticipate customers returning to paper or manual based processes. Once they take their first digital transformation steps with us, and they realize the time, cost, and customer experience benefits, they rarely go back….This also acts as the on ramp for the adoption of other agreement cloud products, sometimes at the same time, and sometimes as follow-ons.”

Earnings call highlights available at: https://www.wallstreetreporter.com/2020/06/docusign-inc-nasdaqdocu-q1-2021-earnings-conference-call-highlights-summary/

Twilio, Inc. (NYSE: TWLO) Chairman and CEO Jeff Lawson: “Twilio platform provides three things world needs now: digital engagement, software agility & cloud scale”

“…Twilio was built for this moment, we offer the three things that companies need as they are accelerating their digital plans: That is digital engagement, all the channels, whether it's voice or messaging, or video or chat or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger...all these channels as we've moved, so many, in person face-to-face workloads to digital workloads…Agility… Twilio provides the ability for organizations to be agile, to build iteratively as the nature of what they need to build, and how they need to address the changing circumstances continues to evolve…And the third thing we offer is cloud scale. Now, this isn't the moment where you can spend, months planning your capacity requirements and we are racking up the data centre to plan for your peak, you need to build something you need to deploy it. And you need it to work pretty much instantly...And Twilio brings that to the table."

“I believe the investments that companies are making are going to be durable, like the changes that are occurring in our society right now, are going to persist in many ways…many doctors' visits for example, are going to stay as telehealth visits after COVID is over… many more ecommerce or food delivery or curbside pickup like a lot of these things that are getting normalized right now will start to become even more normal.”

Highlighting Twilio use cases: “…demand for telehealth solutions has soared. Virtual care became a new reality for doctors, nurses, clinicians and millions of patients around the world and Epic, the company that supports the comprehensive health records of 250 million people mobilized to build its own telehealth platform, powered by Twilio's programmable video. The solution allows providers to launch a video visit with a patient, review relevant patient history and update clinical documentation directly within Epic.”

“Comcast integrated Twilio voice into their homegrown customer database, enabling technicians and customer care to contact customers for service requests remotely. They also initiated a pilot to incorporate Twilio video into the same database, which can enable a customer to use the camera on their phone to show a Comcast technician their setup and the technician can walk them through a self diagnosis and repair without ever setting foot in their home.”

Earnings call highlights available at: https://www.wallstreetreporter.com/2020/06/twilio-inc-nysetwlo-q1-2020-earnings-conference-call-summary-highlights/

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