Silver rises 2% as virus cases surge

Thursday, 17. December 2020 15:27

The price of silver increased by 2% on Thursday as the numbers of COVID-19 infections soared to record highs both in the United States and on a global scale. Dragging the sentiment down, deaths attributed to the virus also reached its record daily figure.

With the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic in the focus, the investors turned to trading in safe-haven assets.

Silver jumped 1.96% to $25.81 per ounce at 9:25 am ET, while gold was up 1.34% to $1,888.92 per ounce at the same time. Palladium slid 0.23% to $2,328.14 per ounce at 9:26 am ET, with platinum concurrently gaining 0.99% to $1,047.49 per ounce.

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