Greenback reaches nearly 3-year high against euro

Thursday, 19. March 2020 14:36

The United States dollar ticked higher against major currencies on Thursday, hitting its highest level against the euro since April 2017.

United States President Donald Trump signed a $104 billion relief package to curb the impact of coronavirus on the country's economy, while the Federal Reserve Bank set dollar swap lines with multiple central banks around the globe to ensure "US dollar liquidity in amounts up to $60 billion."

The euro fell 0.93% against the dollar to go for 1.08108 at 9:32 am ET, while the pound was flat against the greenback at the same time, trading for 1.16196. Meanwhile, the dollar surged 1.45% to sell for ¥109.6530 a minute later, reaching its highest level since late February, while it was up by 0.78% against the Swiss franc to go for 0.97577 at 9:35 am ET.

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