Renault could pull out of certain markets - CEO

Tuesday, 19. November 2019 19:05

Renault's interim chief executive officer Clotilde Delbos (pictured) said on Tuesday the company will try to avoid pulling out of certain markets but that it will do so if needed.

Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in Paris, Delbos confirmed the carmaker cannot "survive without the alliance" with Nissan and Mitsubishi that Nissan's previous CEO Carlos Ghosn arranged before he was arrested. She explained that "the alliance is not a goal in itself - it's just needed to face the challenges the automotive industry is facing."

Delbos mentioned that she was among supporters for merging with Fiat-Chrysler but Nissan wasn't quick enough to deliver the affirmative answer required by the French government. She said this "was a pity because we did not have enough time to explore better what I thought would have been a great deal."

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