Asian stocks mixed amid US-China trade developments

Friday, 08. November 2019 05:01

Shares in Asia traded mixed on Friday as investors looked onto recent developments on the trade negotiations between the United States and China. Even though China posted a better-than-expected trade balance figures, but Hong Kong stock remained influenced by ongoing uncertainty amid protests. Additionally, White House advisor Peter Navarro said that there is "no agreement at this time to remove any of the tariffs as a condition of the phase one deal."

The Nikkei 225 rose 0.12% at 4:54 am CET. In mainland China, the Shenzhen Composite grew 0.86% at 4:46 am CET while the Shanghai Composite grew 0.35% at 4:30 am CET. South Korea's Kospi declined 0.20% at 4:55 am CET and the Australian S&P/ASX 200 decreased by 0.14% at 4:55 am CET. Hang Seng fell 0.43% at 4:55 am CET.

The dollar stood flat against yen and traded for 109.2230 at 4:57 am CET.

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