Asian markets mixed amid Hong Kong tensions

Tuesday, 12. November 2019 07:46

Asian markets traded mixed on Tuesday in the light of the latest news coming from Hong Kong. The city's leader Carrie Lam described the protesters "paralyzing" the city as "selfish" after they had blocked the city. On Monday, a police officer shot a protester who is now in critical condition and the unrest is continuing.

The Nikkei 225 closed up 0.81%. The Hang Seng gained 0.52% while the Kospi went up by 0.79% at 7:31 am CET. The Shanghai Composite increased by 0.09% at 7:32 am CET while the Shenzhen Composite slipped 0.31% at the same time. The S&P/ASX 200 closed down 0.29%.

The dollar gained 0.20% against the yen to go for 109.27450 at 7:34 am CET.

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