Georgieva urges on climate recovery support

Sunday, 12. July 2020 04:29

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva (pictured) commented on the statement from Global Commission on Adaptation that calls to action for a climate-resilient recovery from COVID-19 saying it "makes very clear that the benefits of actively supporting a resilient recovery far outweigh the costs of not acting."

The Global Commission on Adaptation called in its letter on world leaders to incorporate climate resilience into economic recovery packages. "World leaders should align policies with longer-term climate objectives, build global partnerships, and mobilize private sector support for improved climate resilience," the letter stated.

Earlier this week, Georgieva said that "looking ahead, policies should lay the foundation for a low-carbon, resilient recovery that would create millions of jobs while help address the climate crisis."

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