Greenback falls amid trade, impeachment worries

Friday, 27. December 2019 14:11

The United States dollar traded lower against major world currencies on Friday as the investors focus on the trade dispute between Washington and Beijing. China urged the White House to drop its "Cold War mentality and hegemonic logic" ahead of the signing of the so-called phase one trade deal that is expected in 2020.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump asserted that "bogus impeachment" he faced is "bad for the US," as the House of Representatives voted in favor of impeaching him over two articles earlier this month.

The British pound gained 0.64% against the dollar to go for 1.30875 at 8:06 am ET, while the euro traded 0.47% higher, changing hands for $1.11546 at 8:11 am ET. Meanwhile, the greenback slid against the Swiss franc, going for 0.97629 at 8:08 am ET, while the US currency traded for ¥109.5170, losing 0.10% at 8:06 am ET.

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