Russia to increase security at oil facilities after Aramco attack

Monday, 16. September 2019 09:51

Russia will raise the security level at its oil and gas production facilities following the attack on Saudi Aramco's production which suddenly decreased Saudi Arabia's oil production capabilities by 50%.

Speaking on Monday, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak stated: "There is a law on security at fuel and energy facilities, which stipulates all required protection measures. Such incidents as the attack on Saudi Arabian facilities require a re-evaluation of the current situation. I think we will address that issue as well." Novak pointed out that there are enough global oil reserves to make up for the loss in Saudi production and added that Russia remains in contact with Saudi Arabia in order to react to global oil output needs if necessary.

In the aftermath of the attack on Aramco, United States President Donald Trump authorized the release of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The attack on Aramco was claimed by Yemeni Houthi rebels which said more attacks can be expected. However, the US blamed Iran for the incident.

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