Equities in Asia mixed on US-China trade unknowns

Tuesday, 15. October 2019 04:27

Japan's main stock index jumped after a one-day holiday while other readings in Asia-Pacific were different, after China made it clear more negotiations are warranted before any important document on trade and intellectual property can be signed with the United States. President Donald Trump has claimed "phase one" is nearly over.

In other news, China's inflation rose to the highest level since 2013, Iran threatened retaliation against what it said was an attack on its oil tanker, and the US imposed sanctions on Turkey for its offensive in north Syria.

The Nikkei 225 surged 1.73% in Tokyo at 4:04 am CET. The dollar was a mere 0.05% lower at 4:25 am CET, selling for ¥108.3465. The Shanghai Composite was down 0.54% and the Shenzhen benchmark lost 1.04%. The Hang Seng index was marginally lower. The Australian S&P/ASX slipped just 0.08%.

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