Dow jumps over 200 pts on positive China trade signals

Thursday, 07. November 2019 15:31

Equities in United States markets again reached record highs shortly after the opening bell on Thursday following a statement from Commerce Ministry in Beijing, which announced that it reached an agreement with the US to remove the mutually imposed tariffs in phases. In addition, China allegedly sent a good faith signal after it was reported that its Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is considering to remove limits it had previously imposed on American poultry import. Investors will also focus on earnings reports from the Walt Disney Company and Dropbox Inc.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index jumped by 197 points, or 0.72%, at 9:53 am ET. Dow Inc rose the most, 1.77%, at 9:40 am ET.

The Nasdaq 100 increased by 0.64% at 9:54 am ET. Baidu Inc. led the gains, surging 9.77% at 9:56 am ET.

The S&P 500 was 0.54% higher at 9:55 am ET. Ralph Lauren Corp. was the best performer, soaring by 13.03% at 9:41 am ET.

The euro was 0.06% lower against the dollar to trade at 1.10636 at 9:40 am ET, while the pound decreased by 0.28% compared to the greenback, going for 1.28210 at the same time.

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