Lawsuit blames Boeing's board for lax oversight of management - report

Friday, 25. September 2020 20:22

A lawsuit filed by Boeing Company's shareholders accused the plane maker's board of lenient oversight of the management related to two 737 MAX crashes and the aircraft's safety issues, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Friday.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Delaware court earlier in September, reportedly cited internal company documents and condemned the board for being largely passive. After the first crash in October 2018, it took a month for the board to meet, while several members of the company's safety committee attended less than 25% of the meetings following the second crash in March 2019, the suit allegedly said.

A spokesman for Boeing told the WSJ that "the complaint presents a one-sided and misleading picture of the activities of Boeing and its board," adding the company will look for its dismissal.

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