Wall Street finishes day with biggest drop since 2008

Monday, 09. March 2020 21:00

Coronavirus fears, alongside the toppling price of oil, drove down on Monday the equities on the United States stock markets, causing the biggest one-day point drop for the Dow Jones Industrial Average in history. Genetic engineering company Greffex said it created a COVID-19 vaccine that could be available by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Ethiopian authorities found inadequate pilot training and malfunctioning flight software were to blame for the 737 MAX plane crash in March.

The Dow plummeted 7.79%, as the Dow Inc. sunk 21.66%. The Nasdaq 100 slid 6.83%, with Tesla Inc. losing 13.57%. The S&P 500 tumbled 7.60%, as oil companies plunged. Apache Corp. fell the most, shrinking over 54.69%.

The euro jumped 1.27% against the dollar at 3:59 pm ET, changing hands for $1.14502. At the same time, the pound rose 0.52% to sell for $1.31003.

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