Bayer says it will make Curevac COVID vaccines

Monday, 01. February 2021 10:25

Bayer will produce COVID-19 vaccines for Curevac, Bayer's Pharmaceuticals President Stefan Oelrich announced on Monday at a press conference that featured German pharmaceutical companies and government officials. The company will make a total of 161 million Curevac COVID-19 vaccine doses in 2022, Oelrich added as he stressed production capacities need to be increased first.

Meanwhile, Curevac CEO Franz-Werner Haas stated that his company will increase vaccine production in 2022 by 600 million to 1 billion doses as a result of the cooperation with Bayer. Haas also noted that Curevac plans to make 300 million vaccine doses in 2021.

Earlier, AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech promised to increase production to deliver on their vaccine promises.

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