Dow continues to rise, up more than 250 points

Wednesday, 21. April 2021 20:06

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index continued its rise today jumping 260 points at 2:01 pm ET, for an increase of 0.77%, as United States President Joe Biden announced 200 million vaccines have been administered in the US. Dow Inc. led the index as it was up by 3.27% at 2:11 pm ET.

The S&P 500 was also in the green rising by 0.68% at 2:07 pm ET, with DISH Network Corp leading with an increase of 10.45% at the same time. The Nasdaq 100 was also up 0.51% at 2:09 pm ET, as Intuitive Surgical was ahead of the pack increasing 9.62% a minute later.

The euro decreased by 0.06% at 2:11 pm ET trading for $1.20282 against the dollar.

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