Asia-Pacific mixed amid Australia budget news

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2021 04:48

Asian-Pacific stock indexes traded mixed on Wednesday, as investors digested the ramifications of Australia's new federal budget. Australia's Prime Minister stated that recovery cannot be taken for granting, as the country's Treasurer asserted that their net debt was down year-over-year and that the government is focused on job growth. Meanwhile, Nissan published its quarterly earnings report yesterday, with Toyota's coming later in the day.

The S&P/ASX 200 dropped 0.67% at 4:43 am CET, while the Nikkei 225 traded 0.59% at 4:35 am. Meanwhile, the Hang Seng was up 0.20% at 4:45 am CET, as the Kospi Composite decreased by 1.21% concurrently.

In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite rose by 0.26% at 4:31 am CET, while the Shenzhen Composite traded virtually flat at 4:47 am CET.

The dollar increased 0.22% against the yen, trading for ¥108.8615 at 4:48 am CET.

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