China accuses US of suppressing democracy

Saturday, 04. December 2021 06:07

Citizens of China "enjoy extensive, tangible democratic rights," claimed a white paper issued by the State Council Information Office on Saturday. It stated Beijing developed "whole-process people's democracy" in which "political power is not linked in any way with personal status, wealth, or social relations, but is equally enjoyed by all the people."

At a press conference following the publishing of the paper, office Director Xu Lin accused the United States of using the upcoming Summit for Democracy to "suppress and contain countries with different social systems and development models." Xu added that "such undemocratic acts under the pretense of democracy are a joke in the human history of democracy development and will find no support of the people." The virtual summit will be held in Washington on December 9-10 and will focus on "challenges and opportunities facing democracies," according to the US State Department.

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