Starbucks faces complaint over 200 alleged violations

Saturday, 07. May 2022 01:36

Starbucks Corporation has been accused of breaching National Labor Relations Act by committing over 200 violations of federal law, the CNBC reported on Friday. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Buffalo, New York has issued a complaint against the corporation following claims by the Starbucks Workers United.

"The charges include behavior such as retaliatory terminations, shuttering of pro-union stores, unlawful threats, and oppressive surveillance and intimidation tactics," Starbucks Workers United explained on its Twitter page. Furthermore, the company's CEO Howard Schultz is also accused of "repeatedly" visiting Buffalo to organize anti-union meetings promising to increase benefits to those employees that refrained from joining the union.

"Starbucks has been saying that no union-busting ever occurred in Buffalo. Today, the NLRB sets the record straight. This Complaint fully unmasks Starbucks' facade as a 'progressive company' and exposes the truth of Howard Schultz's anti-union war," the Union added.

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