PTA-News: Addiko Bank AG: Addiko Group Receives Results of Comprehensive Assessment: No Capital Shortfall, Group Remains Above Relevant Thresholds

Friday, 22. July 2022 18:35

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The European Central Bank (ECB) has published today the results of the Comprehensive Assessment of Addiko Group, consisting of an Asset Quality Review (AQR) and a Stress Test. The AQR is a prudential exercise providing a point-in-time assessment of the asset quality as of a particular reference date (31 December 2020 in the case of Addiko Group) and the complementing Stress Test simulates how the capital positions would evolve under a baseline scenario and an adverse scenario over a three-year period. All banks which are directly supervised by the ECB are required to undergo a Comprehensive Assessment.

The Comprehensive Assessment shows no capital shortfall, with Addiko Group remaining above the relevant thresholds used in the AQR and the Stress Test. In detail, the AQR led to a theoretical adjustment of the CET1 ratio of merely 15 bps. This is the result of Addiko Group's prudent risk management and continued focus on asset quality. In the Stress Test on the other hand, Addiko Group's stress testing models resulted in a larger theoretical capital depletion, specifically in the adverse scenario. The higher theoretical capital depletion under stress is mostly the reflection of Addiko's high level of prudency in its risk management approach embedded in the models for credit risk parameters estimation.

The detailed results of Addiko Group's Comprehensive Assessment are available on the European Central Banks's banking supervision website: 509ec12185.en.html

Addiko Group's Investor Relations website contains further information, including financial and other information for investors.


Constantin Gussich

Head of Investor Relations & Group Corporate Development


About Addiko Group

Addiko Group consists of Addiko Bank AG, the fully-licensed Austrian parent bank registered in Vienna, Austria, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange and supervised by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and the European Central Bank, as well as six subsidiary banks, registered, licensed and operating in five CSEE countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina (where it operates via two banks), Serbia and Montenegro. Through its six subsidiary banks, Addiko Group services as of 31 March 2022 approximately 0.8 million customers in CSEE using a well-dispersed network of 153 branches and modern digital banking channels.

Based in its focused strategy, Addiko Group has repositioned itself as a specialist Consumer and SME banking group with a focus on growing its Consumer and SME lending activities as well as payment services (its "focus areas"). It offers unsecured personal loan products for Consumers and working capital loans for its SME customers and is largely funded by retail deposits. Addiko Group's Mortgage business, Public and Large Corporate lending portfolios (its "non-focus areas") have been gradually reduced over time, thereby providing liquidity and capital for continuous growth in its Consumer and SME portfolios.


emitter: Addiko Bank AG
address: Canetti Tower, Canettistraße 5/12.OG, 1100 Wien
country: Austria
contact person: Addiko Investor Relations
phone: +43 664 884 268 31

ISIN(s): AT000ADDIKO0 (share)
stock exchanges: official trade in Vienna

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