PTA-News: Opus Chartered Issuances S.A.: New certificate "Responsibly Sourced Gold" allows private investors access to sustainable gold for the first time
VP Bank and Chartered Investment create solution for investments in sustainable gold.

Thursday, 22. September 2022 16:15

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Duesseldorf/Vaduz (pta032/22.09.2022/16:15) - With a special certificate, VP Bank and Chartered Investment are creating a structured product solution so that investments can be made in gold that meets the highest environmental and social standards.

VP Bank is launching a "Responsibly Sourced Gold" certificate (ISIN: DE000A3GYU27) based on the platform technology of the financial engineering specialist Chartered Investment as part of a public offering. This is a premiere on the capital market in the certificate sector: For the first time, private investors will be able to invest directly in so-called "Green Gold". This gold was extracted on the basis of the highest social and environmental standards.

"Gold is more important than ever for investors as a portfolio addition in view of the current fluctuations in equities and bonds, the scaling back of expansionary monetary policy and geopolitical tensions. Only in terms of sustainability, the precious metal has not been without controversy so far. We are now changing that and making gold even more attractive," explains Bernd Hartmann, Head of CIO Office and Chief Strategist at VP Bank. This is made possible by the so-called "Green Gold" of the Swiss refinery Valcambi, which offers a certified solution for physical gold. This solution goes beyond the Responsible Sourcing Programme of the Lon-don Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and meets the highest environmental and social standards.

Until now, this sustainably produced gold was only available as physical bars. "But we wanted to make it available to private clients as a genuine investment product," explains Bernd Hartmann, for whom this certificate is part of VP Bank Group's "Investing for Change" sustainability strategy.

This is now made possible by a securitisation solution from the financial engineer Chartered Investment. Through its Chartered Opus platform, the Düsseldorf-based innovator has created a certificate solution that is so conveniently designed that it can be easily invested in by private investors starting at USD 100.

At the same time, the certificate meets the highest security requirements: "The product is backed by physical green gold as the underlying asset. There is therefore no issuer risk," explains Daniel Maier, founder and CEO at Chartered Investment. "Custody is provided by Raiffeisen Switzerland, and investors even have the option of physical delivery."

The Responsibly Sourced Gold Certificate (ISIN: DE000A3GYU27) was issued through the Luxembourg financial centre and can be purchased through any bank. Chartered Investment acts as security agent, servicer and trustee. VP Bank serves as initiator, paying agent is Société Générale. Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative acts as custodian agent.

About VP Bank Group
VP Bank Ltd was established in 1956 and, with around 1,000 employees, is one of the largest banks in Liechtenstein. VP Bank has an international presence, with locations in Vaduz, Zurich, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Road Town (British Virgin Islands). Its core competencies include the development of customised financial solutions for intermediaries and private persons. In addition, the Group has an international fund competence centre. As of 30 June 2022, client assets under management of VP Bank Group amounted to CHF 46.5 billion. VP Bank is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has an "A" rating from Standard & Poor's.

About Chartered Investment
Chartered Investment is a leading independent CMaaS (Capital Markets as a Service) provider supporting its clients by developing customized investment products and index solutions. Since 2013, Chartered Investment supports more than 100 B2B clients in their capital market businesses at 5 locations. More than 500 completed transactions and index solutions as well as over 5 billion dollars in securitized assets demonstrate the firm's quantitative and qualitative track record.

Chartered Investment operates Chartered Opus, a bank-independent, Luxembourg-based issuance platform for securitized investment products, which manufactures, structures, issues, and services and manages these products throughout their lifecycle.


emitter: Opus Chartered Issuances S.A.
address: Rue Eugène Ruppert 6, 2453 Luxemburg
country: Luxembourg
contact person: Daniel Maier
phone: +352 27 860372

ISIN(s): DE000A3GYU27 (certificate)
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