Wall Street extends gains Dow surges 500 points

Wednesday, 28. September 2022 19:15

Markets on Wall Street continued to post gains in Wednesday's afternoon trading with the Dow soaring more than 500 points as investors digested the Bank of England's decision to buy long-dated bonds in an effort to stabilize the pound following its recent plunge.

The Dow Jones rallied 1.81% or 526 points at 1:15 pm ET. The best performers were Boeing and Home Depot, both rising over 4%.

The Nasdaq 100 jumped 1.55% at 1:16 pm ET and the S&P 500 climbed 1.81% at 1:17 pm ET with Biogen, up 37.66% leading the gains on both indexes.

The euro surged 1.42% against the dollar to go for 0.97303 at 1:19 pm ET.

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