NATO conducted drills near Nord Stream leaks in July - Zakharova

Thursday, 29. September 2022 17:15

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova accused NATO of having conducted military drills in the area where leaks were recently found in the Nord Stream pipelines.

"In July, there were NATO drills with the use of deep-sea equipment in the area of the island of Bornholm," Zakharova claimed and added the region was "crammed" with NATO infrastructure.

Earlier, Russia and the West both stated the leaks were a result of sabotage, with NATO insisting "any deliberate attacks against Allies’ critical infrastructure" are to be met with a "determined response." Meanwhile, Moscow stressed such an attack could not have been carried out without the involvement of a state and slammed other countries for their unwillingness to contact Russia on such an important issue. Furthermore, the Russian Embassy in the United States claimed US warships were registered in the area where the Nord Stream pipelines were eventually damaged just days before the incidents took place.

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