PTA-News: S IMMO AG: Bonds with a nominal value of appr. EUR 48.9 million called

Monday, 03. October 2022 13:15

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Vienna (pta030/03.10.2022/13:15) - Holders of the corporate bond 3.25% S IMMO bond 2015-2027 (ISIN AT0000A1DWK5) have called a nominal amount of EUR 30,801,000.00 and holders of the corporate bond 3.25% S IMMO bond 2015-2025 (ISIN AT0000A1DBM5) have called a nominal amount of EUR 18,103,500.00. The right to demand repayment at the nominal amount plus accrued interest could be exercised by the holders of the bonds due to a change of control event until the end of the notice period, 29 September 2022, and concerned a total nominal amount of appr. EUR 99 million.

The repayment of the called bonds is expected to take place on 06 October 2022 and will be serviced from cash and cash equivalents of S IMMO AG. These amounted to appr. EUR 578 million as of 30 June 2022.


emitter: S IMMO AG
address: Friedrichstraße 10, 1010 Wien
country: Austria
contact person: Elisabeth Wagerer
phone: +43 1 22795-1120

ISIN(s): AT0000652250 (share)
stock exchanges: official trade in Vienna

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