Zelensky calls $60 pb oil price cap 'comfortable' for Russia

Saturday, 03. December 2022 21:06

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his latest video address dismissed the price cap on Russian oil imposed by the Group of 7, the European Union and Australia as "quite comfortable" for the Kremlin's budget.

Zelensky said that the limit should have been lowered from $60 per barrel to $30 per barrel, a proposal floated by Poland, arguing that the group will have to make a "stronger" move on oil eventually "anyway" and that "it's a pity that this time will be lost."

The leader also accused Moscow of already causing "huge losses" to the global community by "deliberately destabilizing the energy market" and said the Russian regime will use its oil profits to further pressure "those countries that are now trying to avoid big decisions."

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