Climate activists in Paris block companies, ministry

Friday, 19. April 2019 18:02

More than 2,000 activists participated on Friday in demonstrations in Paris in front of the Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition and the headquarters of Societe Generale SA, Total SA and Electricite de France SA. People organized by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and ANV-COP21 blocked the buildings for several hours and some even taped or handcuffed themselves to one another or to the entrances. Police intervened with pepper spray and carried them away one by one as employees couldn't get in.

In the nonviolent protest, citizens criticized President Emmanuel Macron's administration for a "toxic alliance" with the multinationals. They demanded from Societe Generale to end support for fossil fuels and projects damaging for the environment. EdF SA is controlled by the state. The organizations demanded from Total, a major oil producer, to abandon oil sands and shale projects, deep water drilling and activities in the Arctic.

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