Ex-FDA head says US ahead of China in vaccine development

Sunday, 24. May 2020 22:05

Vaccines developed in the United States and Europe are more likely to be fully successful in combating COVID-19 than vaccines being developed in China, former United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) head Scott Gottlieb said on Sunday. He added that he also believes the US vaccine would be available before the Chinese one.

Speaking to CBS' Face the Nation, Gottlieb stated: "The Chinese have four vaccines in clinical development right now. One is based on a novel platform, an adenoviral vector platform. The data came out last week in The Lancet on that. It didn't look overwhelmingly strong. It was positive. It provided some immunity. It's probably going to work. They have three other vaccines in development based on old technology, inactivated virus. Those vaccines, if they do work, probably are going to provide lower levels of immunity than the platforms that the U.S. and Europeans are working with."

Earlier, a scientific report in The Lancet said a Chinese vaccine has shown positive results in trials. US and European strong quality vaccine candidates are considered those developed by Moderna Therapeutics and Lonza as well as another that is a joint project of AstraZeneca and Oxford Unisersity.

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